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Hypothyroidism issues discussed

By Staff | Feb 18, 2011

Here are three issues, medical care rights, QALY, and the systematic abuse of certain people, mostly women, having symptoms of hypothyroidism. First, as a professor emeritus of Constitutional Law made abundantly clear that there is no general right to healthcare. This has been ruled in the Florida and Virginia Federal Court rulings. These rulings will undoubtedly be upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court because there is real danger in Obama-care. The requirement that all people buy health insurance sets a precedent for the government to demand that all people enter into other contracts, such as for a GM Volt for fuel economy or for higher education or for diamond rings to boost women’s self-esteem. Such demands are contrary to the Commerce Clause.

My assisting a British “thyroid” patient advocacy group used QALY to point out the ridiculousness of the current and quite limited approach to diagnosing and treating the symptoms of hypothyroidism. While using QALY in good life versus death situations is simple, it lacks definition in the gray areas between good health and death. Consequently, the values are arbitrary, estimated, and quite subjective. Then these annual guesses on between zero and one are added up. Then this process is repeated for the proposed medical intervention. The difference between these QALY values is then multiplied by a government-set monetary value. If this money figure is greater than the cost of the proposed medical intervention, then it is done. If not, the patient is not treated. This is why the UK cancer death rate is about twice as high as in the U.S. They save money by letting old folks die. This is organized, systematic euthanasia.

Ms. Loken made the usual mistake in her criticism of describing the continuing symptoms of hypothyroidism as simply hypothyroidism. Granted, medicine can properly deal with the thyroid gland’s deficiency to secrete thyroxine. What medicine does not properly deal with are the continuing symptoms of hypothyroidism that are caused by mimics, deficient peripheral metabolism, deficient peripheral cellular hormone reception, or deficient use of triiodothyronine by the cells’ internal energy-producing chemistry. While this point can be demonstrated from volumes of scientific papers, the simplest proof is a counterexample. My wife suffered unnecessarily for two years until the “mistakes” in prescriptions by two endocrinologists combined to give her life back to her in a mere two weeks. A third endocrinologist insisted upon a trial of the standard therapy, which allowed the symptoms to return. Subsequently, she is now taking a different, but also medically banned, triiodothyronine-containing hormone replacement and living well. My wife is a counterexample to the systematic abuse of 1.7 million American including about 800 in our panhandle.

My wife is not the only counterexample to this medical abomination and depravity, which is caused by the masters of medicine ignoring applicable medical science and using junk science to support this ridiculous position. These counterexamples are usually created by physicians who value their ethics more than they fear their board of medicine.