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Our government is the best

By Staff | Mar 4, 2011

I was born in 1922. I am a WWII Veteran and 88 years of age. I was born during what the government call the notch. This is hard to understand because we paid more.

People born after 1927 get $50 to 60 more on social security than the notch people. This is not new math. For the past several years some senators have tried to get us a $5,000 dollar settlement.

The Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights were printed on a single page. During Washington’s time people could express themselves very easily. How our college grads print bills consisting on 2,000 pages or more.

Let us support the good Congressman and Senators who work for our good. Our government is the best in the world. No country is a free as ours. God has truly blessed us.

Human life should be respected. By changing the term unborn child to fetus, abortion became legal. 40 million have been killed. We will never know what potentially great people were lost forever.

Keep me in your prayers.