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Delegates should explain their votes

By Staff | Apr 8, 2011

I am writing on behalf of average, everyday citizens here in Jefferson County, WV. Gasoline is costing more, which is affecting the cost of food and just about all items we need. Many people are without jobs or have jobs that are not paying much. And in the midst of these difficult times, we have higher utility costs, higher fees and higher taxes from WV. Why?

Well, I feel that Delegate John Doyle and Delegate Tiffany Lawrence owe us an explanation for their votes this past legislative session. They voted against every opportunity to relieve the taxpayers in any way, voted against lowering the food tax by 1 percent, could not find it in their hearts to support seniors by passing a Homestead Exemption… Yet, they had no problem voting for giving the private Gaming Industry over $100 Million dollars to help them in this “competitive” environment (SB 550). Excuse me? Isn’t competition between private companies normal and why are we trying to protect them from it?

Or maybe they can explain their support of raising fees on all drivers needing to use DMV (SB 608). Why is it that the state’s need for money is always on the back of hardworking citizens, those of us struggling to make ends meet. And why is cutting the budget something that is never possible although all of us have to face that choice when things go up. The citizens of Jefferson County need to understand that Delegates Doyle and Lawrence have decided to help the big corporations and hurt the individuals of this state. They need to explain themselves to their constituents: who are they working for?