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Right to vote is important

By Staff | May 12, 2011

After I voted early for the gubernatorial candidate of my choice, I walked out of the annex in Martinsburg and saw a man looking at the “vote early here” sign. I told him that early voting meant avoiding lines on May 14 and that it took me only a minute or two. In turn, he asked me, “Vote for what?”

We, the People, have elected our officials into positions of power over our freedoms and authority over our tax money, and most of us have pulled the ballot box lever with absolutely no idea of whom we’re placing in charge of our money and our freedoms. In my youth, I was one. Now, when we’re finally in crisis at both national and state levels, and have a variety of news media, no one should be ignorant to the power of the people – power to bring us to our knees or power to stand tall. I just hope it’s not too late.

I believe it is the responsibility of parents, schools, and communities to teach our children political awareness and the fact that men and women have died for our right to vote. We can’t keep producing a generation of uninvolved citizens. If we do, this country will implode. God help us all.