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Seeking family information

By Staff | Jan 20, 2012

Wilton F. Bland

Moundsville, WV

I’m writing in regard to an item of interest of my ancestors. I’m looking for old memorial cards of ancestors of mine on when they died that no one in my family seems to have. My ancestors were from Shepherdstown, Swanpond, Scrabble and Whitings Neck, on Bilmyer Road.

My ancestors once lived at Folkland, Sapling Ridge and my great-great-grandparents had the old dairy farm that sits on Bilmyer Road and beside the Whitings Neck Road. These old memorial cards prodate 1950 and are the old black cardboard type.

I’ve listed my family’s names and approximate dates of death:

George Folk, Jr., died Oct. 10, 1887.

Elizabeth Whilimena Folk Whiting “Billie”, died 1929.

Dr. Charles Henry (Howard) Whiting, died 1916.

George William Miller, died Dec. 17, 1929.

Clara Parrell Miller, died Mar. 2, 1899.

George Henry “Harry” Whiting, died Jan. 22, 1938.

Harry and Irene Whiting had the old dairy farm on Bilmyer Road. I’m sure they had other family and friends there who could have one of these old cards in an old scrapbook or family Bible or drawer.

I ask individuals to check your family archives and if you have one of these to spare, please write to me at Wilton F. Bland, N.C.F.-46935, Road 2 Box 1, Moundsville, WV 26041.