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Letter DeMarco

By Staff | Feb 3, 2012

Corky DeMarco

Executive Director

West Virginia Oil & Natural Gas Association

This week’s passage of new incentives to attract an ethane cracker signals a broad commitment that has been years in the making.

WVONGA and its members have been involved in exploring outlets for ethane and other hydro-carbons that are contained in the Marcellus Shale for over two years.

We have worked with the chemical industry to identify uses and processes for hydro-carbons in the Appalachian Basin and West Virginia in particular. Additionally, we have worked with Gov. Tomblin’s staff as well as members of the West Virginia House and Senate to maximize the downstream industrial potential resulting from shale gas extraction.

We applaud the efforts of the aforementioned government leaders in developing a regulatory framework that complements this development while providing clarity and certainty. That certainty puts West Virginia ahead of other states in this basin.

We believe the leadership provided by these bodies working together with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection clearly demonstrates how committed we are to developing the potential we have before us today.

The Legislature, through its members’ commitment and insight, passed legislation that enhances West Virginia’s position in attracting an ethane cracking facility. Once the governor’s signature was attached, West Virginia made a major commitment to securing our industrial future.