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Letter McMullen

By Staff | Feb 3, 2012

Karen McMullen


Yesterday morning, during the “Rush Hour”, our beloved feline family member, “Romey” was hit by a speeding card directly in front our home on West Washington Street. He was just one year old. This wonderful guileless little creature known as the “Prince of the Alley” was friendly to all and we received several requests to adopt him. He was found by friends early last year, sick and starving, was nursed back to health and given to us. He was one of the special ones and his life was taken far too early.

Traffic on West Washington, particularly between Church Street and King Street is heavy and vehicles rarely do the speed limit. Speeding would continue all the way to Rte. 230, were it not for the heavy pedestrian traffic in front of the Post Office.

Please call attention to this problem, so that no other family will have to endure the needless pain we are currently suffering. Perhaps a speed trap should be considered.