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Appelgren Letter to Editor

By Staff | Feb 10, 2012

Barbara June Appelgren

Charles Town

CVS has two stores on the edges of the historic district of Charles Town. The idea of CVS destroying our historic district demonstrates greed and lack of caring what is done to a community. If CVS disregards Charles Town’s heritage with this destructive decision, I will make it a point to encourage everyone I know to shop elsewhere.

It’s hard to believe that the city is so insensitive to the historic character of the town, the most attractive characteristic to both visitors and residents. There is no reason I can think of to destroy what little is left of this area of historic integrity. It gives tourists and residents pleasure and aesthetics. We already have areas that are “modern” right at the edges of the historic district and which are already changed in character and both of them already have CVS’s on them. To ignore these facts cannot help but make one wonder if someone is personally going to make big profit from this deal.