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Letter to Editor Burgoyne

By Staff | Mar 30, 2012

My purpose in writing concerns the fact that my former colleague in law enforcement, Ed Boober, has filed as a candidate for Sheriff of Jefferson County.

After a 33-year career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I served eight years as the Sheriff of Ohio County in Wheeling. It was during those eight years that I became well acquainted with Sheriff Ed Boober as we both served on the Board of Directors of the West Virginia Sheriff’s Association. I also came to know the caliber of this law enforcement professional who had previously served as a Metropolitan D.C. police officer and Chief of Police in Ranson, W. Va. I had occasion to meet several members of his department when he was serving as the sheriff and knew of the respect his employees had for him. Ed stepped down in 2008 due to the term limits of the office of Sheriff and I applaud him for making the decision to continue his passion for public safety in his home community.

I would like the citizens of Jefferson County to know of Ed Boober’s reputation throughout the state of West Virginia and I feel sure that they will remember his efforts during his previous tenure. He indeed deserves your vote of confidence.

Thomas F. Burgoyne