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Letter to Editor Lewis

By Staff | Apr 13, 2012

On Saturday, March 31 the Jefferson High Football Boosters delivered over 5,000 bags of mulch to local residents. The sale was a lot of work and a big success and I’d like to take time to thank everyone involved for their hard work and dedication.

First we’d like to thank Pete Chaney and Francine Kidrick. They organized the mulch sale for 2012, taking orders, organizing deliveries, accounting for the payments and everything else that goes into this sale. Pete and Francine don’t have sons playing JHS football: they do this because they are great people who are dedicated to helping out the kids. In past years, the sale was organized by Laurie Ogden and she was again a huge help this year. Thanks, Laurie, for your past service and for assisting with organizational info this year!

Next we’d like to thank the supporters who helped who also don’t have kids playing football: Laurie and Brandon Ogden and Laurie’s father Bob Woodroome (and son Austin), Jim Schmitt, Neill, Kenna and Tiffany Banks, Pete and Jody Chaney and Dave and Brad Myers all worked many hours delivering mulch all over the county. These folks don’t have sons playing anymore, but they dedicated many hours and many gallons of fuel in their own personal vehicles to helping assure this fundraiser was successful. I can’t express to them enough how much we appreciate their help.

We also had several parents, friends and family of current players helping out:

Bob and Brenda Dempsey (and the whole Dempsey Family), Angie and Bobby Hill,

Becky McDonald and Dick Creamer, Chris Colbert, Tom Maiden, Scott Hostler, Joy Lewis, Regina Waldron and Jasmine Hughes. Here’s an example of parental dedication: Scott Hostler is a C5 Pilot. He arrived home from a flight to Afghanistan (via California) Friday at noon. He still managed to come out and help and missed his son’s Zach’s first baseball game that day in the process.

Thanks, Scott!!! All of these parents and friends gave up personal time on

Saturday and spent their own money on fuel for their trucks, to help deliver mulch. We really appreciate their help. Coach Mills and Coach Serian also delivered mulch and we thank them, too!

Several current football players also helped and we really appreciate their dedication: Dustin Marker, Casey McDonald, Taylor Carter, Tanner Cantrell, Geoff Walker, John Dempsey, Anthony Herbert, James Hill, Rynal Newman, Casey O’Brien, Ryder Sonday, Nelson Wolf, Hunter Colbert, Chandler Lewis, Tyler Penwell and Zach Hostler all worked several hours delivering mulch, handling thousands of bags. (I may have missed a few who volunteered. If I did, sorry about that. It was a hectic day).

We’d also like to thank Clyde and Flo Best of U-Haul in Charles Town for donation of a 17′ Box Truck. We could not have delivered the mulch without that truck. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Richard “Buzz” Bussard from Jeff County Schools Transportation. Buzz ran a fork lift all day Saturday.

DL Lewis Construction in Shepherdstown provided a site to distribute mulch and the use of their fork lift. These folks are all big supporters and we appreciate it

Finally, we’d like to thank Lowe Products of Shepherdstown. During their busiest season of the year, they help us raise much needed funds for the football team by discounting their mulch and delivering it to our site for distribution.

They are a great, community-minded locally-owned business and we appreciate their support.

As you can see, this fundraiser is a TON of work. We can’t express enough how much we appreciate the assistance provided by all of the volunteers and businesses above.

If you are interested in participating with the JHS Football Boosters, please contact us at jhsfootballboosters@gmail.com.

Eric Lewis


JHS Football Boosters