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Poem matches editorial

By Staff | Apr 20, 2012

I was very interested in your editorial in the April 6 issue of The Chronicle. In January, I wrote the enclosed poem with the same premise and thought your readers might be interested in it.

I started writing poetry four years ago at the age of 83. Recently, my poems have been published in book form and entitled, “Discovery: An Old Man’s Poems.” Autographed copies are available locally at Four Seasons Books.


The two most important math courses for you

Are Algebra I and Algebra II.

If you do very well in both of these

You can handle other subjects with relative ease.

A good way to start is think “Algebra’s a game.”

Learn a few rules, which for all are the same.

The more that you play, the better you will be,

So get paper and pencil, and together we will see.

“Paper and pencil? That’s the old way…” you say.

If you can’t use your calculator, you don’t want to play?

Keep your calculator handy, it’s a tool we will need,

Like a book, not much good, until you know how to read.

Robert W. Bryant