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Choose BOE candidates carefully

By Staff | Apr 27, 2012

Election to the Jefferson County Board of Education is conducted during the May 2012 primary. There are two seats to be filled and there are five candidates.

The candidates are: Gary Kable, currently a Board member; Mark Osbourn, currently principal at Shipley Elementary who is retiring in June. He has much support from staff, parents and students at that school; Jim Jenkins, long time teacher in Jefferson County but for financial reasons, now teaches in Virginia; Laurie Ogden, former teacher and now raising four children, active in education programs. The last candidate is Lori Stilley. Five to seven years ago, she served as a board member and for a time as president. She was not re-elected to serve another term. I suggest that voters, not in Jefferson County during her tenure, contact friends, neighbors and school staff to determine her success or lack thereof.

For what it is worth, my choices are Mark Osbourn who will bring much educational and management experience to the board and Gary Kable, who will continue his work to get what he believes the county needs to increase our level of education.

Membership on the Board of Education is a big responsibility and we should all do our homework before casting our votes.

Good luck to all of us.