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Thanks to all

By Staff | May 25, 2012

The Back Alley Tour and Tea provided the structure for the event last weekend. It was, however, the incredibly generous 19 homeowners who opened their backyards and themselves to some 400 visitors who made it possible. As ideas, seeds, cuttings and thoughts were exchanged along the route it was just a wonderful time in the year we celebrate 250 years of life in Shepherdstown. A heartfelt thanks to all who participated as docent, homeowner, friendly neighbor, merchant or participant. We all played our parts very well.

The proceeds from the event were put to immediate use as the sanding of the floors and stairs in the War Memorial Building started early Monday morning. The Shepherdstown Community Club is proud to make this building available as a centerpiece of this community.

Please send any comment, questions or offers to participate next year to info@backalleygarden.org. Again, thanks to all who made this very special event possible and so successful.

Back Alley Tour and Tea organizers