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Kudos to Suttenfield

By Staff | Jul 27, 2012

With this letter, I am expressing my sincerest thanks to Diana Suttenfield for her tireless efforts to accurately honor the soldiers who marched with the historic Bee Line March to Boston in 1775. For years it was believed by many that this March began at Morgan’s Grove Park when in fact, it began at Morgan Springs located on the property where Richard Morgan built a small stone house in the 1740’s and Jacob Morgan later built the Morgan mansion, Falling Spring, in the 1830’s. The famous Morgan Spring is located on the east side of the Falling Spring mansion, not on Morgan’s Grove Park and cannot be seen from public roads. This property is located across Morgan’s Grove Road from the park. While all descendants of the Morgan family are deeply honored that the park is named after our family, it has aided in the confusion of the actual history of this area. The historic marker that has now been placed in Shepherdstown, because of Diana Suttenfield’s efforts, will help us all accurately honor and celebrate our great town and the many heroes who came before us.

Mrs. MaryAnn W. Morgan, widow of D.Lee Morgan, direct descendant of Richard Morgan.

MaryAnn W. Morgan