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Vote Jim Ruland

By Staff | Sep 21, 2012

Yesterday, WV State Government Organization Subcommittee A had a scheduled meeting to discuss the study of the structure and authority of the State Fire Commission. Herb Snyder is the Chair of that subcommittee.

But Herb Snyder never showed up, and do to that they did not have a quorum and thus could not act upon any of the issues on the table.

Do you know why?

He was at a Fundraiser, raking in more money, and hob nobbing with Charleston Big Wheels. Apparently keeping his job is more important than actually doing it.

We deserve better, we deserve someone who will actually work for us here in the Panhandle.

It is in your hands to determine if that is the type of representative we deserve.

Vote for change- Vote Jim Ruland.

In Liberty,

S. Chris Anders