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Educate yourself before voting

By Staff | Nov 2, 2012

It’s important in this election season to inform yourself about the candidates running for office. For example, a recent letter to the editor urged everyone to vote against President Obama citing the supposed events at the Democratic National Convention. His information was based on a Fox News report which was in turn based on a blog. There was no valid reporting done. YES, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) did refuse the gift baskets on behalf of the delegates; NO, the DNC did not sponsor a Muslim prayer group; and NO, the convention attendees did NOT boo God.

It’s so easy to listen to just one news station or to perpetuate an email or Facebook posting that is false. Check the facts before you send these chain emails or share these chain Facebook postings. This is dangerous because the false information can travel to millions of people in a short time. This practice takes advantage of a person’s tendency to believe what he or she reads or hears.

In a crucial election like this, it’s extremely important to get the facts straight. Don’t just rely on one news source. Educate yourself from all available sources, and vote your conscience.

Linda Sanders