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In the 67th District—Skinner: Yes!

By Staff | Nov 9, 2012

A recent letter to the editor by Todd Metzgar criticizing Stephen Skinner for his successful fundraising for his House of Delegate campaign misleads the voters.

A well-financed campaign is a positive reflection of the candidate. The Romney and Obama campaigns are both well-financed, and proud of their respective fundraising.

The fact that people donate to a candidate indicates strong trust and support for that candidate’s values and beliefs. I know. I’m one of the people who donated: $75 to Stephen Skinner’s campaign, the first time I have ever contributed to a House of Delegates candidate.

I’m not a “special interest” as Todd’s letter characterized Stephen’s supporters. I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a union member. I’m an Eastern Panhandle resident (since 1991) who knows Stephen Skinner will fight for the little guy, like he so often does in the courtroom.

Todd referred to trial lawyers as if they are bad people. I think of trial lawyers as the opposite of corporate lawyers. It’s trial lawyers who fight against insurance companies when they deny coverage for life-saving hospital operations, or when insurance companies deny coverage for damage to your home.

It was Stephen who fought for the Eastern Panhandle’s representation in Charleston in the well-publicized Congressional Re-Districting dispute that went all the way to the Supreme Court. He has experience working with people on the “opposite side of th aisel” to reach compromises and make progress. And, he has been endorsed by the current Delegate, the retiring John Doyle.

Jeff Hertrick