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Thank you to volunteers

By Staff | Nov 9, 2012

I want to publicly thank all the wonderful volunteers who made the Shepherdstown Community Club’s “Soup Kitchen” a success. It has been a long standing part of the Book Sale which was held the last weekend in October. We had 61 quarts of soup for sale with a selection of 11 different kinds, 22 were sold by the quart, we had 1 gallons left and the rest was sold by the bowl. We also sold hot dogs, sodas and baked goods.

The faithful “Back Alley Tea” kitchen crew manned (or should I say womaned) the kitchen. They were Shirley Derr, Martha Young, Cindy Reeser, Judy Jenner and Judith Briod, with Eunice Earl and Winnie Bernat acting as cashiers. David Startzell braved the women’s territory as our dishwasher/pot scrubber. He, Ronnie Reeser and the rest of the group put the kitchen back in order and loaded my car. None of this would have been possible without the soup of course. The gourmet chefs involved in that endeavor were Shirley Derr, Vicky Walker, Martha Young, Cindy Reeser, Judy Jenner, Austin Porter, Millie Wells and me. So thank you one and all and especially the book customers who made both the Soup Kitchen and the Book sale possible.

Bonnie Austin

Soup Kitchen Coordinator