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Many thanks for Rumsey Radio Hour

By Staff | Nov 30, 2012

As President of the Shepherdstown Visitors Center, I want to extend thanks, on behalf of the board and our volunteers, to the cast and crew of the Rumsey Radio Hour for a fabulous, fun-filled performance at the Frank Center, finely finessing the foibles of She-town for friends and family in a festive forum!

As always, the cast and crew put on an engaging show for an enthusiastic crowd. Thanks to all of the on-stage cast: John Bardi, Adam Booth, Phil Bufithis, Todd Cotgreave, Todd Coyle, Laura First, Clissy Funkhauser, Nina Geiger, Bret Gordon, Andrea Hines, Mark Kraham, Dominic Massimino, Susan Spangler, Brian Staggers, and Eileen Waggoner. Off stage, Peggy McKowen was a stellar director and Jeanne Muir ably assisted. Backstage, Trent Kugler was a great help. Thanks to our corporate sponsors and advertisers, especially HBP, Inc., Tom Maiden Insurance Outfitters and EarthVibe Productions, and our ticket sellers, Four Seasons Books, the Shepherdstown Public Library, the Thomas Shepherd Inn and GrabGreatDeals.com. Box office support was provided by SVC volunteers Wendy and Stan Mopsik, SVC board volunteers David and Julia Springer and Jim Ford, along with James McNeel. Last but not least, thanks to all the great people who bought tickets and came out to enjoy the show!

We appreciate the contribution of your time and your creative energy to continue the tradition of the Rumsey Radio Hour in our support.

Thank you,

Christian Asam,

President, Shepherdstown Visitors Center