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Disappointed in editorial

By Staff | Dec 21, 2012

What prompted your confusing editorial rant of Dec. 14, 2012, “The holiday is called Christmas”?

Humankind has celebrated the Winter Solstice since the beginning to recorded history, and this pagan celebration has subsequently been given religious meaning by multiple cultures around the globe. Due to its pagan roots, it is interesting that our Puritan forefathers outlawed the celebration of Christmas, and from 1659 to 1681 fined those celebrating Christmas five shillings.

“Merry Christmas” and “Happy Hannukkah” are certainly appropriate greetings within religious communities of shared faith. Shepherdstown prides itself on inclusion and support for multiple lifestyles and faiths. I would hope that we could accept that “Happy Holidays” is an inclusive and appropriate greeting in our general community.

It is disappointing that the Chronicle, our local newspaper of record, does not share this spirit of inclusion.


Robert I. Reynolds