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Academy is more than a school

By Staff | Jan 11, 2013

Jefferson Academy is more than just a school. The school has become part of our family.

Our 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed in the summer with a serious autoimmune disease called Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Uveitis (inflammation in the eyes). Initially she required an hourly scheduled medicine regimen and constant oversight to protect her from falls and accidents. Because of her joint problems, she was hardly able to walk and needed to be carried or pushed in a stroller. This is a hard task for a full time loving parent, let alone a teacher with multiple children to watch.

We had our concerns at first but after talking with the owners and teachers at Jefferson Academy we couldn’t have been happier with the support and flexibility they offered us. They met all of our needs and because of their help, our daughter is improving and getting healthier and stronger every day.

If it weren’t for their caring, family mindset, I am sure we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Many people don’t know this, but a local family purchased the campus after The Country Day School had to close its doors.Unfortunately, due to bad timing and a bad economy CDS wasn’t able to survive, much to the disappointment of many families. However this family chose to make many sacrifices in order to start a new school, knowing they would have an uphill battle, even in a good economy. But they pushed forward against all odds to provide an affordable and quality education to as many children as possible. This was their dream.

Their dedication and persistence have proven successful. They have provided us something few others were able to, an excellent education in a safe and loving “family” atmosphere.

When we moved to West Virginia six years ago, we wanted our children to get the best education possible in an environment where they are encouraged both socially and academically, and bullying was not tolerated. Jefferson Academy has given us that.

Jefferson Academy is a school that not only delivers an incredibly affordable education, starting at $414 a month (less than daycare), but that will in time, be recognized as one of the top schools in the state as it is already producing outstanding results as evidenced by the academic success that its students enjoy and the outstanding teachers it has on staff. Every week they receive new students and every day I am more impressed with the progress both of my children (ages 3 and 5 years old). My oldest daughter was reading at 4 years old!

I write this letter to publicly thank the school, Mr. Scott Hill, Mrs. Danielle Slacker, Ms. Janet Hill, Mrs. Leslie Steeley and all the staff at the Jefferson Academy for all that they have done for our family.

We hope to see Jefferson Academy continue to grow and wanted to make sure that other families knew what a profound difference this school has made in our lives.

The Frasca family