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Happy to see recent article

By Staff | Feb 8, 2013

I was very happy to have read your article, ‘Faith Helps Musician Overcome’. Having worked in Mental Health for many years before becoming a homeschool mom, it is like a ‘breath of fresh air’ to see this article in the newspaper, especially because it was written by someone who has a mental illness. Thank you for listing both NIH and NAMI resources. I did want let you know there are also ‘consumer led’ resources, which means agencies run for and by people with a mental illness.

In Maryland, where I used to work, the agency is called On Your Own, and there is both a state office and county offices. The website for the state office is – www.onourownmd.org/ and this site lists the county chapters – www.onourownmd.org/about-us/local-wellness-recovery-centers. I am, unfortunately, not familiar with parallel WV resources, but here is the website for a national agency – www.mhselfhelp.org/, called National Mental Health Consumer’s Self-Help Clearing House.

It is most refreshing that, in this day and age, when Christianity is most often downplayed or badmouthed, to see published the role of Christ in this man’s recovery.

Thank you again for publishing such an important article and message.


Angela Passarelli Wood