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It’s Upward All the Way!

By Staff | Mar 4, 2013

What does an 88 year-old great-grandma do on Saturdays? She is an ardent basketball fan of six great- grandchildren ages 12-5 at the Upward program of Covenant Baptist Church in Shepherdstown during February and March.

From the time I enter the foyer on my rollator walker to the end of each hour-long game, my attention is directed to every moment of vigorous activity.

Many years ago I was introduced to the sport when I played guard position on a high school team. My five-foot-two height had me limited to how high my arms could reach to prevent an opponent’s basket, my limit of only one dribble kept my pace go much too slowly, and the guarding position kept me from making a “shot”. But I learned the basics as a member of a team.

How very far this game has progressed since then!Watching these athletes do their very best as we fans yell encouragingly “Shoot,” “Hands up,” “Dribble” or “Stay open” brings back so many memories of true sportsmanship on the basketball court.

My admiration for the volunteerism displayed each Saturday is truly honorable: the weekly dedication of each coach as he/she guides the player to perfect their plays; the fair decisions of the referees as they call offenses of players; the testimonies of directors when they have opening prayer in the silence of the hall and at half-time to share their stories of God’s Hands in all of our lives; the excellent service and friendly ways of the moms and dads who are serving for the day—feeding and fueling us patrons. And never forget the faithful parents, grandparents and friends who willingly support this Upward program….

I wouldn’t be anywhere else on Saturdays because where these children are, there God is also! So readers, join me on the next few Saturdays—March 2 from 9a.m. to the last game to be in on the annual silent auction of products and services donated by local businesses and individuals to benefit this Upward Program.

Anna Rose Anderson