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By Staff | Mar 11, 2013

Your article in the issue of March 1, 2013, “Middle School Parents Meet to Discuss Concerns,” presents some interesting information about the schools in Jefferson County, particularly Shepherdstown Middle School. As a retired secondary teacher and administrator who likes to substitute as a teacher for the school system, I was especially gratified to learn more about the work Jill Jones as American Federation of Teacher representative is doing to improve our schools. A former Peace Corps volunteer, she is deeply dedicated to improving our children’s education. In the four years she has lived and worked here, Ms. Jones has dedicated herself to representing teachers, parents, and, ultimately, our children in working with administrators to make our schools better. Anyone who knows Jill Jones well, knows how sincere her efforts are and how she represents the American Federation of Teachers for all the positive, socially beneficial reasons the union was founded.

A real way to continue improvement efforts at Shepherdstown Middle School would be for parents to take to heart Principal Elizabeth Best’s invitation to come to the school’s Local School Improvement Council meetings. And for the “Chronicle” to print many more in-depth articles about our schools. Why not post the meetings on your “Community Calendar”?

Donna Northouse