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Helping fight the good fight

By Staff | Mar 15, 2013

For the past several years, Shepherd University has hosted a very successful Relay for Life event that raises a significant amount of money in support of the American Cancer Society’s mission to make the word “cancer” a metaphor and not the dreaded disease it continues to be.

Many of us, perhaps all of us, have been acquainted with the beast and its often times unforgiving nature. In my own case, my dear mother succumbed to ovarian cancer in 1976. She was 57 when the organ that gives life took it away. My father, a widower for over 20 years, was cut down by the grim reaper in 1993. Esophageal was the monster that satisfied its hunger lust on his frail body.

The process that started with something not right and ended with their death rattles, was not pleasant to watch, let alone experience in the first person.

As it did in 2012, the Shepherdstown Community Club has formed a Relay for Life Team. During the evening of April 5th the team will man a table at the Wellness Center, and do some walking, as little or as much as each team member is comfortable with. For those members of the community who want to participate in this worthy event by joining a team, and who are not already members of a team, I invite you to join our Relay for Life Team.

Last year, when we packed up and went home at midnight – yes , we old timers started to fade around 11 and decided to bale an hour later we felt good that we had contributed to the crab’s demise by participating in what was an extraordinary event. Even if you are disinclined to join our team, I encourage you to drop by the Wellness Center on the 5th of April for food, fun and the hope that being part of something like this engenders.

The link for joining our team or donating to the cause is www.shepherd.edu/relayforlife.

If you prefer to contact me, email info@ shepherdstown.cc or leave a message at 304-876-3323.

On behalf of the Shepherdstown Community Clubs Board of Directors and all it members,

Best in Health,

Austin Porter

VP and Relay for Life Team Leader

Shepherdstown Community Club