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Let’s complete the job

By Staff | Apr 26, 2013

University students and Duke Street traffic suffered many months, while the tunnel was being built to facilitate walking between East and West campuses. The tunnel’s completion was cheered by all. We suspect even the campus traffic director, lovingly named Captain Comealong, was pleased.

Two things remain to be done, however. The first is to make sure ALL students ALWAYS use the tunnel. It is for their safety, as well as to improve traffic flow in and out of town.

The second thing still undone, is the removal of the temporary stop signs at the intersection of High Street. They were put there to ease the temporary crossing for students, and to control traffic. They no longer serve that purpose. Instead, those signs cause untenable backups throughout the day. They need to be removed.

Surely the University, official Shepherdstown, and Jefferson County can accomplish this forthwith. It

will benefit all.

Paul Chalfant