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Progressive Confluence benefits from Mason’s work

By Staff | Apr 26, 2013

Curt Mason was the inspiration for the recent founding of the Progressive Confluence. Thank you for highlighting Curt and his remarkable cultural events announcement list in your April 19 edition. As Curt’s list is aimed at people interested in the cultural life of the community, the Progressive Confluence is for people interested in another sphere of community and the public interest: social and economic justice, peace and the environment.

Emails from the Progressive Confluence promote learning, networking and/or activism among those in the Potomac-Shenandoah confluence area of West Virginia, Maryland, andVirginia looking for non-partisan events related to the common good.

Messages from the Progressive Confluence are blind copied so that recipients’ email addresses are not disclosed. Addresses will never be shared or made public. To receive announcements from the Progressive Confluence or to have an event considered for distribution, send an email to ProgressiveConfluence@gmail.com.

Lynn Moses Yellott

David Hostetter

Carolyn Rodis

Elloyd Lotridge