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Tribute to Dr. Don Master

By Staff | Jun 28, 2013

When I moved to Shepherdstown in 1990, I asked a friend of mine for the name of a veterinarian for my dog, Brewster. She told me about Dr. Master and he became our “go to” “Doc” from then until he finally retired.

I’d like to share a thought or two about the Dr. Master I came to know, other than his tenure and accomplishments as the mayor of Charles Town.

Dr. Master was a truly wonderful man. I got to know him better each time I had to take Brewster to him. I sometimes found myself hoping Brew would develop a cough or a fever so I could take him for a vet visit!

Dr. Master told me all about his love of flying and the building of his BD-5 airplane, which, he said, his wife, Grace, referred to as his “flying coffin!” He explained it took him 22 years to complete the plane; however, he was quick to say if he had worked just a little more diligently he probably could have done it in 21! He enjoyed taking me to his basement to show me the myriad of plane parts hanging there. For anyone who does not know, the plane flying out of the trailer in the James Bond movie, Octopussy, was Dr. Master’s BD-5!!

Dr. Master was a very generous man. He told me more than once he never wanted an animal to go without treatment because of its “master’s” inability to pay. For this reason, his service charges were always very, very fair and reasonable.

Dr. Master also prided himself on being somewhat frugal. He told me it was his custom, on Friday each week, to put all his leftovers in the blender, add a little milk, and drink it down!

This is one man’s opinion that Dr. Master was truly a kind, generous and very intelligent man who was an inspiration to all those who were fortunate enough to know him or know about him!

John T. Griffith