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What if?

By Staff | Sep 13, 2013

Watching the establishment of both political parties work together to maintain power over the people brings many questions to mind.

What if the top leadership of the Republican Party, and the top Leadership of the Democratic party are nothing more than loyal opposition forces?

What if no matter what party is in power nothing ever truly changes?

What if Obama upon election in 2008 just followed Bush’s policies?

What if Romney had been elected, and just followed Obama’s policies?

What if for all of his libertarian speeches, Reagan actually grew the size and scope of the Federal Government?

What if West Virginia Republicans Craig Blair and John Overington helped West Virginia’s Democratic Governor take your blood on a traffic stop in clear violation of the 4th Amendment?

What if while posing as pro gun, both Republican and Democrat elected officials stop the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act in West Virginia?

What if so called conservatives Shelley Moore Capito and David McKinley say they are against Obamacare, but vote to fund it?

What if so called Republicans Capito and McKinley whine about Obama’s spying on West Virginians, but vote to continue funding the program?

What if John Boehner (R), Speaker of the US House of Representatives supports Obama’s attempt to take us into another un-Constitutional war?

What if Jefferson County Commissioners Tabb (R) and Pellish (R) say they are against higher taxes and fees, but vote FOR a new Ambulance Fee in Jefferson County that creates a whole new county agency that will grow in size, budget and fees?

What if State Senator Craig Blair (R) runs his daughter against a fellow Republican who did not support Blair’s un- Constitutional policies?

What if Berkeley County Republican Committee Vice Chairman Jerry Mays works as the treasurer for Ms. Blair’s Campaign, clearly against BCRC policy of not interfering in a primary?

What if Obama’s motivation in interfering in Syria is based upon trying to keep OPEC trading in American Dollars to prevent it’s collapse?

What if Russia’s face saving move with Syria is just to protect it’s assets in American Dollars?

What if the American Dollar is only a Federal Reserve Note that has no true value?

What if the Federal Reserve is nothing more than a private banking cartel founded by world bankers on Jekyll Island off of Georgia?

What if Americans fought for independence from Britain in 1776 because of a 2% tax, but now most West Virginians pay over 40% in taxes when you include sales, property and utility taxes?

What if America had roads, colleges, hospitals and fought and won 7 wars prior to having a personal income tax?

What if all you have been told by the mainstream media and the political class you cannot trust, and must refer to international news sources to find out what is really going on in your own country?

What if you sit by and let this happen, and fail to hold elected officials accountable to the Constitution and the people that represent them?

What if you can actually make a difference in your life and protect your liberties and property if you only knew how?

What if these are not “what ifs” but actually the truth?

” Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies”- Dr. Paul

S. Chris Anders