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Changing history

By Staff | Dec 6, 2013

The liberals have twisted and muddied history until it is nearly unrecognizable. I have listened to and read writings by these people. Evidently they were not taught history in school, or else just didn’t care enough to bother to learn it.

I tire of liberals rewriting history to either make themselves feel good and knowledgeable, or to simply and purposefully mislead and deceive others with their manufactured facts and other non-truths. Usually it is the latter. I admit that there are a lot of things that I was taught that I had to unlearn and then relearn using real facts instead of emotions and myths.

“Separation of Church and State” is a familiar battle cry of the left. They claim that the First Amendment to the Constitution demands and guarantees that no religious ceremony, such as prayer, nor having the word “God” in the “Pledge of Allegiance” is allowable in any civil or secular activity, especially if it were to occur before the commencement of any government or civil business. This is wrong in so many ways. The people that created this nation were deeply religious to the point of having freedom of religion and the ability to express one’s faith OPENLY without fear of retribution or penalty by the government was the very first thing addressed after describing the structure, rules, and limits of our federal government. Religion was the major reason for civil wars in Europe, and the persecution of one religion over another, and devastated society. Depending on the fickle whims of an unfettered government, the National religion changed as often as annually in order to legally divorce an unwanted wife and remarry one of a different faith, garner political aid, or as a reason to persecute individuals, wage war, or rob other countries. As a result, many of the original Europeans to migrate to North America came here as religious refugees.

JFK was the unintentional beginning of the modern movement to persecute and abolish religion in this nation, especially Christianity. This is ironic because he and his family were staunch Catholics. When he, as a presidential candidate, declared that he would not be a Catholic President, but a President that was Catholic and that religion was not going to rule his political life, the media jumped on the idea of “Separation of Church and State”. The liberals began using that as a battle cry to outlaw all religion in public, if not everywhere else too. It is a non-Constitutional, twisted liberal ideology to exact pain on others because they have no mindset for absolution and redemption, just immediate self-gratification, not unlike a five year old; “if I can’t be happy, you can’t be happy.”

Therefore, all the ranting and screaming and conniving, to have all religious texts and references removed from public display is unconstitutional. The Ten Commandments that is displayed in many public buildings is nothing but the exercise of the First Amendment by our forefathers in recognition of their faith. To legally remove those displays requires a constitutional amendment, not just the say-so of a liberal judge legislating from the bench that wants to be “Politically Correct” which, incidentally, isn’t. “Politically Correct” means that it follows and/ or adheres to the law of the land, a.k.a. the U.S. Constitution.

Now those opposed to a particular display can have their own “Religious” display put in place and those would have to be equally protected from desecration and removal. In reality, the Cross of Christianity, the Menorah or the Star of David denoting Judaism have to be accepted as would whatever the seasonal beliefs for the Hindu, Buddhists, Islamists, or any other religion. The only real discretion would be that it be tastefully depicted according to social norms.

As to the word “God” being removed from everything, for anti-religious reasons, is ridiculous. All religions have a deity, or god, though the name may change from religion to religion. In most cases the deity remains nameless and only the prophets and their morality and values vary. Those variations are the main basis for the differences between religions anyway.

Now the only people upset that they do not have a “Religious Holiday” are called atheists, a conundrum at best. A few years ago there was a court case in Florida in which a self-proclaimed atheist filed a civil suit and was demanding of the presiding judge to have all religious signs, symbols and sayings removed from public venues. In his mind it was offensive because there is no national day of recognition for Atheism. After a short pause, as the judge eyed the complainant and studied a book that he had before him, the judge solemnly stated that he did indeed see the man’s side of the argument. The complainant allegedly smiled sensing victory.

The judge reiterated that the court has the charge of defending and defining the Constitution, which includes the freedom of religion, not the freedom from religion, a key denotation. After this statement was announced, the judgment of the court was that the “Cult” of Atheism did indeed have a day of national recognition. It is called “April Fool’s Day”. The gavel was rapped as the audience cheered and that is how the founding fathers’ ideals, that were the basis of our nation’s government, were upheld in a court of law.

So, to be legally and truly “Politically Correct”, Merry Christmas!

Richard Zigler

Charles Town