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Gala was perfection

By Staff | Dec 13, 2013

This year’s Holiday Gala performance was as close to perfect as it can get! The music was well chosen, superbly performed and smoothly executed! The mix of traditional scripture and modern jazz was a fresh approach, seamlessly done.

The showcasing of some half-dozen groups on one stage showed superb logistical execution, obviously well rehearsed. The transitions between groups were so effortlessly covered by thoughtful readings. The overall atmosphere that was created was one of a warm, but vibrant holiday spirit!

The performance of “Santa Baby” by Laura Renninger was, well, for those who missed it, there’s nothing I can say to do it justice.

The group sing-along with Leroy Anderson’s Christmas Festival was well integrated into the overall performance. Nicely done.

Finally, to Fireside Bob, you really stitched the program segments together so well. The readings were well paced, clearly articulated, and spot on! (Tenth-grade English teacher Hazel Sherrill was wrong; Elizabeth I was not the last great Tudor.)

I have to mention how pleased we were that the initial program announcements and awards were made with the aid of a microphone. YAY (at last) YAY! Loud and clear. Thank you.

John Burns