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The enemy of my enemy?

By Staff | Feb 21, 2014

Under the direction of Mr. & Mrs. Chris Anders of Shepherdstown, the local Campaign For Liberty (C4L) group has determined to “take over” the Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee in the May 13th Primary election, replacing current conservative members with C4L people. Ironically, the goal of both groups is to expel the Ruling Elite in Washington who seek to replace our Constitutional Republic with a socialist autocracy. Yet C4L chooses to target conservative local Republicans.

History and human nature show that immediate political change comes through war, revolution, dictatorship, or an Act of God. In a free society, political change cannot be immediate much as we would like it to be. It was 16 long years between Goldwater’s defeat and Reagan’s victory. (History repeats itself chiefly because human nature does not change).

Communists first infiltrated American higher education almost a century ago as self-identified ‘intellectuals’, then undermined major institutions – news and entertainment media, many churches and ultimately government itself so that socialist coercion has become the policy of the national Democrat Party. Subverting our culture and institutions took almost a century of dedicated effort by the Left. Admittedly time is short for patriots to awaken Americans to the reality of our national suicide, but misguided zeal to purge local Republican conservatives is a curious – if not a suspicious strategy.

Brian Bellman

Charles Town