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A trial lawyer’s dream come true

By Staff | Feb 28, 2014

A lawsuit was filed in the State of Colorado against a bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple. The owner of the Cakeshop said, “This violated his religious beliefs.” The lawsuit,

brought by the ACLU, cost the plaintiffs nothing. The lawsuit is taxpayer funded in discrimination lawsuits.

Current proposed bills in West Virginia by Senator Herb Snyder SB 472 and a companion Bill HB 2856

proposed by Delegate Stephen Skinner and others: “Prohibiting discrimination based on age or

sexual orientation,” will open the door for Delegate Skinner’s trial lawyer buddies to file many frivolous lawsuits. The language in the bills characterizes discrimination based on age or sexual orientation “whether actual or perceived.” This is a far contrast to lawsuits based on actual and factual.

Most Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions do not recognize homosexuality nor do they want it

foisted upon their members by blind-sided politicians who promote such lifestyles.

If this law passes in its current state, churches and businesses alike could be sued out of existence merely on someone’s perception. West Virginia is already recognized as a tort hellhole.

Robert Murto, Sr.

Harpers Ferry