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Letter to mayor shared

By Staff | Mar 14, 2014

Dear Mayor Auxer:

Since moving to Shepherdstown in August of 1961, I have observed the efforts of several mayors. I will say without hesitation that you are by far the most effective and productive leader this little town has had in the past 53 years. May I enumerate a number of specifics for making the above statement:

One rainy, snowy morning I heard a noise through the fog; it was the town men collecting our trash.

They never fail to speak or wave if you’re out.

Later in the same week they were clearing the snow. In the midst of our long hard winter I am reminded how they “literally” jumped into the cold and water to stop a water leak before a coming storm; and still no grouching, complaining or frowning.

The town police patrol our streets and yet they find time to observe anything out of the ordinary at our homes, especially if we’re away.

You have assembled a capable Town Hall team also. They are kind, courteous, and helpful. You often hear, “What can I do for you?”

I have purposely listed your personnel first became you have amassed a very commendable group.

I also wish to elaborate on some the projects which have been accomplished:

A new Town Hall building, which is attractive, well planned and appropriate.

Improved water sewer system.

Citizen parking is improved 150 percent.

New curbs, trees, flowers and trash containers add to the aesthetic features of our streets.

Cooperation between town and Shepherd University seems to be good.

Our town is unique in many ways. Your leadership has brought out its very best features.

I hope you will choose to be our leader for many years. You have done a commendable job and deserve our thanks and appreciation.


James A. Butcher