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Program worth its weight

By Staff | Mar 21, 2014

Shepherdstown’s co-mingled recycling program is popular and efficient. The recycling program includes glass, plastic, steel products paper and unwaxed cardboard. During the year Jan. 1 Dec. 31, 2013, the town collected 910 tons of recycling. The tonnage does not include yard waste pick up. Most yard waste is transported to Lowe Products for disposal at no cost to the town.

The town keeps recycling costs down by utilizing our spare garbage truck to collect recycling that allows us to make approximately one monthly trip to the recycling center. Also, 43 tons of cardboard and newspaper are taken to Halltown Paper Company to be sold. The town collected $1,770 from Halltown Paper Company. Saving from not dumping our recycling in the landfill resulted in reducing dump fees by $4502.21, the total cost of the recycling was $9,239.06; however, with the cardboard, paper, and saving from dump fees, the cost was approximately $3,000, or about $3.30 per ton. The town also purchased the recycling truck, trailer, and recycling containers with a recycling grant awarded in 2012. Being green means saving green. Thanks to all of us for our efforts.

Arthur J. Auxer, III