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A Statement of Principles

By Staff | Apr 11, 2014

So often those who seek public office attempt to hide or otherwise mask their principles, so not to offend voters who might otherwise vote for them.

As a candidate for the Republican Executive Committee in West Virginia the last thing I wish to do is mislead anyone on my core principles.

And they are-

-That a truly free market is the only path to prosperity

-That government intervention in the free market insures poverty

-That it is none of the government’s business what I say or type on my cell phone or my computer

-That it is none of the government’s business how many guns I own, or of what type

-That the Federal Reserve System and the inflation it creates, is nothing more than a tax on the lower classes

-That the government has no authority to tell me what I can or cannot eat or drink

-That parents must have the final say on what education their child receives

-That personal property rights are sacred

-That all individuals have the right to live their life as they see fit, unless they directly impair another’s right to do so

-That a baby in the womb is a life that must be protected

-That our current foreign policy is detrimental to our national security

– That the killing of innocent children in drone attacks is nothing less than murder

-That government ‘bailouts’ are nothing but theft from the poor to give to the rich

-That the forced purchase of Obamacare is unconstitutional and immoral

-That the primary function of government is to protect individual liberty, life and property

-That liberty must always be chosen over perceived security

-That our founders created a perfect set of checks and balances but we have failed in it’s execution

-But together we can restore our Constitutional Republic, individual liberty, free markets, limited government, sound currency and a non interventionist foreign policy

S. Chris Anders