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Lori Robertson’s secret is in plain sight

By Staff | May 23, 2014

The secret to Lori Robertson’s many successes as a Shepherdstown Town Councilwoman and Recorder is what lies behind the long list we all know of good things she keeps doing for us.

The secret is this: Lori is a rarity among the far more common type of candidates who like to sit on boards and govern their neighbors, and at times seem to overly enjoy exercising the power of public office to police us rather than serve us.

Lori stands apart as a public servant who actually serves us to make our lives better. She doesn’t think it’s her primary job to regulate us.

I don’t mean to say Lori is a pushover. She can be tough when necessary. But mostly she does her job as a helper rather than self-appointed policeman.

There was a time when our mostly good and decent citizens dreaded appearing before the Town Council. Lori’s presence has helped change that.

When we find a rarity like Lori truly willing to serve rather than control us, we should keep voting her into office and pray she never retires.

We need Lori. And a dozen more like her.

Neal Martineau