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Support for Robertson

By Staff | May 30, 2014

I am writing to offer my wholehearted support for Lori Robertson for the upcoming election in Shepherdstown for recorder. I have known Lori for six out of the eight years she has been in town, as a friend, a fellow volunteer and as a business owner. She has done more for this town then people who have lived here their entire life. Who else would mulch Shepherdstown…spend countless hours with bike paths, recycle bins, dog baggies, street fest, community potlucks..just to name a few. And she does it for the greater good not for a title, recognition or herself.

Lori has proven she has the common sense approach and the drive to continue making a difference in our town. Everything that she’s done has made Shepherdstown a better place and I cannot stess enough my confidence in Lori Robertson to continue the great work she does for Shepherdstown and the people here. Dave Springer, I’m sure would do his best but …If I ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Jennifer Haynes