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Thanks to Samaritan

By Staff | Jun 27, 2014

On June 17 I put a quarter in the meter and went into the bookstore to buy a map, expecting to be only a few minutes. My 12 year-old got interested in the books, and we ended up staying a little longer than our 23 minutes. We came out to be told by an annoyed meter maid that a woman passing by had saved us from a ticket by feeding our expired meter as the maid was poised to strike.

I would like to thank the anonymous Good Samaritan of Shepherdstown. Not only have you restored our faith in humanity, but you have ensured we’ll be back to Shepherdstown to buy more books, and to enjoy more of the very strong coffee you serve all over town. That’s worth more than the revenue from a parking ticket.

Hugh Gusterson

Bethesda, Maryland