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The Devil in a Suit Preaching Scripture

By Staff | Jul 11, 2014

Politics makes for strange bedfellows but when it becomes a trend the people had better start paying attention.

The runoff GOP primary election in Mississippi is a perfect case in point.

When the Democratic Party, the NRA, gun grabber Michael Bloomberg, the Chamber of Cronyism (Commerce) and the GOP establishment establish team together to buy the election for an establishment hack, the writing is on the wall.

The Chamber of Cronyism wants amnesty for illegals, the NRA backed universal gun registration, Bloomberg wants to ban everything he doesn’t approve of and the establishment GOP is content with playing surrender monkeys to the despots in D.C.

All in clear violation of the Constitution, individual liberty, free markets and a limited government as espoused by our founding fathers.

But yet time and again these same groups benefit from your monetary donations and support.

When you support those who are violating our basic liberties, you inherit their crimes and become the trespasser.

It is time to stand for principle, it is time to recognize who stands for principle versus who stands for personal and political gain.

The dysfunction in all government comes from cronyism and the consolidation of power in the elite.

And all of the above are concerned about nothing but maintaining their power over the people; not fighting for your God given and constitutionally enshrined rights.

It is time those who support limited government, the Constitution and free markets to realize who the real enemies are.

For it is not the devil with horns I fear, but the one in a suit preaching scripture.

S. Chris Anders