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Help grieving mother pass law

By Staff | Oct 3, 2014

Can you imagine how it feels to lose a child? I can. I lost my daughter, Sarah, in an automobile accident in March 2014.

She was leaving a parking lot that merged directly into a highway. There were two large utility trucks and one semi-truck parked lengthways just inches off the white line on the edge of the highway. They blocked her view.

You can guess what happened next.

There is a West Virginia law 178C-13-3 Article 18 that prohibits vehicles from parking in the state right of way.

This law is very unknown by the public and is not enforced (at least in my county. Drivers are not aware that they are endangering lives when they park like this.

When parking lots merge directly into a highway, the state’s right of way is not visual. “Sarah Nott’s Law” would require a border to be applied where the state right of way ends and the parking lot begins.

The Department of Transportation has posted signs at a few places that state how far vehicles need to park off the road. But, it is just another sign, along with many others. No one really looks at them.

A large red border across the parking lot would definitely get attention and hopefully save some lives.

Please help me pass “Sarah Nott’s Law.” Check out Sarah’s website at sarahlnott.com to get more information and to sign a petition.

I need at least some signatures from each county to get this law passed. If you or anyone you know has had a problem exiting a parking lot, drivewsya or road and you were unable to see clearly because of vehicles parked along the highway, please contact me online at brenott11@gmail.com or call 304-675-5890 or write to me at 140 South Park Drive, Point Pleasant, WV 25550.

This loss is unbearable. Sarah was my only child. I miss and love her very much.

Help me save another’s life.

Brenda L. Nott

Point Pleasant, WV