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Bonnie Austin’s recovery

By Staff | Nov 14, 2014

My wife Bonnie continues to improve following her terrible auto accident on October first.. After spending the entire month at Winchester Regional Medical Center she was moved to the Williamsport Nursing Home. Both facilities have done a remarkable job and we are truly blessed to have access to such excellent medical resources. As in every such situation, the human element is most important and the loving care that she has received has provided the best medicine possible. Over and above that, the deluge of caring thoughts, gestures, tangible and spiritual support have buoyed her spirits and encouraged her at every step of the way.

Yesterday they got her up in a wheel chair and she was able to propel herself a considerable distance to the rehab center and put in a solid hour of exercises. So she will be back better than ever thanks to so many wonderful friends and supporters in this very special community that we live in. Hopefully our best Christmas present will be getting her home.

Along the way we have met many kind and considerate people. It is interesting how often their faces light up when we mention that we are from Shepherdstown!

Thanks again to all of you.

Mike Austin and family