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One good turn deserves another

By Staff | Jan 16, 2015

I would like to “thank” Toni/The Chronicle for helping to circulate the announcement of my 50th birthday. Far more folks were alerted to this milestone as a direct result of my family – in particular my three brothers and their families who placed three large signs broadcasting the event. My dear mother, MaryAnn Morgan, is still proclaiming innocence of any knowledge of these pranks, but anyone who knows her, knows that absolutely nothing gets past her.

Family is vital; laughter is essential. The Morgan family has enjoyed both. I love my brothers and therefore would like to wish each of them a happy birthday as they celebrate their special days this week: Ross Morgan, now 54; Francis Morgan, now 56; and DL, now 58!

As newspaper policy does not permit a photo to run with this letter, make sure to check within the pages of this issue for a token of celebration!

Happy Birthday boys — you’re still ALL MUCH OLDER THAN ME!

Holly Morgan Frye