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Block many to prevent one?

By Staff | Feb 20, 2015

Your Feb 13 editorial, concerning a proposed voter ID law is so full of errors one would think you were deliberately misinformed. You state that, “Everything under the sun” requires such an ID. Here are some corrections to your list.

To register to vote, you fill out a card sign it and mail it. First time voters can present a variety of documents at the polls. Afterward only a signature is required.

Lots of people don’t have photo IDs and still get medical care.

Social Security benefits, my wife applied online. No ID required.

Credit cards, I have had a number and never needed an ID.

Library card, five year olds can get one in Jefferson County. Not many Kindergarteners carry photo IDs.

Sunbathing? No, you don’t get carded.

You “don’t see” “that some alleged voters would be disenfranchised”. Have you looked? In Texas, 600,000 registered voters lacked a photo ID when their law took effect. Most could not get an ID by election day. How many West Virginia voters don”t have one?

Try to apply for a photo ID from scratch. Go to the DMV, whoops no drivers license, no car, it’s a long walk. Can you take off work? Can you find marriage and birth certificates social security card, pay the fees to replace these without a bank account? Would you just give up? Good thing it’s two years to election day. Ya got a chance!

You “don’t buy” that these laws are political. Well Duh! Democrats and Republicans are arguing over them.

Fraudulent voting is almost nonexistent. What’s one vote? With voter ID laws, hundreds of thousands who could vote now can’t. What is in the WV bill to streamline registration and promote voting? Would you block so many from voting to prevent a handful from trying to vote illegally?

Chess Yellott