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Bonnie Austin’s home!

By Staff | Feb 20, 2015

Well, we did it. And I gratefully put the emphasis on “we.” Our family, friends and particularly this wonderfully supportive Shepherdstown community have worked closely together since 1 October of last year (the date of her auto accident) in putting her back together. The superb medical facilities of the Winchester Regional Medical Center and the Williamsport Nursing Home played a huge role as well, especially their highly professional staffs devoted to thoughtful patient care. All these superlatives are justified if you recall the extensive damage done to her car and the long list of broken and shattered bones throughout her body. The miracle is that she appears thus far to have no permanent disabilities and will return to a full, productive and enjoyable life.

It will be a few months before she is back in circulation about town. Although she is up using a walker, she has long and arduous rehab program ahead of her. Meanwhile our life is returning to “normal” and the coffee pot is always on. Stop by if you want to visit. I have saved every one of the 300 or so cards, notes and gifts received over the past months. We can’t hope to respond fully to each and every kind gesture, but will do our best over the coming years to pay back our profound debt to the community.


Mike Austin