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Dear friends of Good Shepherd Caregivers

By Staff | Mar 9, 2015

We have $6,000 in tax credits to spend by March 15, 2015 or return to the state. I hope that you can take advantage of these by using the remainder of the Neighborhood Investment Credits while also helping those living in poverty or with critical health needs, receive necessary treatment. Your generosity is well known and for that reason, I am asking you to consider this request.

Good Shepherd Caregivers is celebrating 25 years of service this year. Our clients are grateful to have volunteers accompany them to critical dialysis treatments. A client who is blind is thankful to have volunteers who are able to drive her and her children to doctor visits and to pick-up groceries. Those receiving home and lawn maintenance are safer, drier and warmer due to the repairs and work done to their houses and yards. Those living alone have caring support.

For additional information go to the following website link: www.wvcommerce.org/App_Media/assets/doc/peopleandplaces/nip/WV-NIP-brochure.pdf

On a personal note please accept my gratitude on the exemplary education programs offered at American Public University Systems as I just completed a Masters of Arts in August 2014.

Blessings to You,

Paula Marrone-Reese