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Seeking veto of HB 2201

By Staff | Mar 13, 2015

We are hoping that Governor Tomblin will veto HB 2201 which creates uncertainty about net metering. Net metering allows homeowners, farmers, businesses and commercial entities to get a one-for-one credit for any solar electricity they produce on their properties. It’s a policy that creates regulatory certainty and ensures that citizens receive a return on their 30-year investments in solar power systems.

In 2012 my husband and I invested in 20 solar panels which were mounted on our roof. Any electricity that we do not use feeds back into the power grid and we receive regular payments for it. This gives us some return on our original investment and it was West Virginia’s promise to us.

HB 2201 threatens to go back on that promise. Governor Tomblin has vetoed this bill once but the legislature passed it again. The bill is now on the Governor’s desk and we hope he will veto it again.

If you wish, you can call 304-558-2000 to express your views to the Governor.

Helen Burns

Shepherdstown, WV