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Response to Zigler letter

By Staff | Jun 15, 2015

Mr. Zigler (Letter to the Editor Friday June 5) argues that voter identification laws are necessary to prevent non-citizens from voting — to prevent voter fraud.

Of course voting in the United States is a right of U.S. citizens only. But aside from the fact that there is scant (if any) evidence of voter fraud, the recently enacted restrictive voter registration laws target groups of people who are entitled to vote, not those who are not.

The right to vote applies to all citizens, including young citizens, poor citizens, elderly citizens, minority citizens – and yes, homeless citizens — regardless of party affiliation.

I wonder if Mr. Zigler believes that these eligible voters should be prevented from exercising their right to vote and having their votes counted. It is these groups of citizens who are disproportionately affected by laws limiting the days, times and methods for voting, and requiring specific types of government-issued photo identification. It is the voting rights of these citizens that are usurped by the laws recently enacted by Republican-controlled state governments that make it harder for people to vote.

Shame on them.

Susan Brown