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Editorial insulting

By Staff | Aug 28, 2015

The Chronicle’s editorial of July 24 titled “Presidential delay was senseless, insulting” was in itself both senseless and insulting. Senseless, in that the writer of said editorial seemed personally insulted that the White House switchboard operators are unable to provide definitive answers to any question of policy or procedure that any of some three hundred million constituents might ask. And it is insulting, in that the writer besmirches the honor of President Obama and of the office of the Presidency – an office whose holder inarguably shoulders more responsibility than does any other person in the world. The very idea that the president is unaware that the he is “protected every day…by those who don the military uniform” is a personal attack outside the realm of reality and insults the intelligence of the author’s readers.

With the freedom of the press comes a responsibility that editorial opinions be well-reasoned and well-written, regardless of the writer’s point of view. As a supporter of freedom of speech, I respect the author’s right to an opinion, but I am under no obligation to provide a forum or a loudspeaker for such asininity. At the risk of seeming petty, I am tempted to discontinue selling the Chronicle at my establishment, but then, how would my patrons paper-train their puppies?

Rusty Berry