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Need equal commentary

By Staff | Nov 6, 2015

I was surprised to see that last week’s Chronicle featured an editorial questioning Hillary Clinton’s “honesty and integrity.” According to results from several Congressional investigations into the Benghazi attack, Ms. Clinton’s personal emails showed uncertainty on her part because the information she was getting at the time was conflicting. None of the investigations concluded that she lied, including one report signed by Marco Rubio.

Now if we want to continue with this line of editorials, I hope we can expect to see one on Carly Fiorino who claimed over and over that she saw a video that never existed, or on Donald Trump who denied dissing Mark Zuckerberg when the video of him doing so is on his web site, or on Ben Carson who denied his involvement with a nutritional supplement maker even though his testimonial is available online.

Edwinna Bernat